Can't Commit To A Tattoo? Here's What To Try Instead

Deciding on what tattoo to get is almost as painful as actually getting inked. Not only do you have to pick a design, color, and placement, but you also run the risk of regretting your permanent decision a year from now. Luckily, if you think it is easier to commit to a partner than a tattoo, there's a brand ready to accommodate your fickle ways: Easy Ink.
The company is still in the Kickstarter stage as of right now, but the idea of wearing realistic-looking temporary tattoos is incredibly appealing to those of us who can't pick a design and stick with it. (It's also a nice alternative to flash tats, which are really most fitting at Coachella.)

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Here's how it works: Pick out the design you want, and Easy Ink will send it to you. As you would with any other temporary tattoo, you place the sticker onto dry skin and wait; within a few hours the ink will darken and you can peel it off to reveal your new body art. But here's the difference between this one and the ones you'd rip out of Tiger Beat when you were little: This formula is waterproof, and will stay put for two weeks.
And no, it's not too good to be true. The innovation uses Jagua fruit extract, a natural pigment that's often used in other temporary ink that stains the skin for a minimal amount of time — and it's all FDA-approved.
As of now, you can only get your hands on your own Easy Ink design if you donate to the Kickstarter. The goal? By this fall, the brand will be able to ship to the masses for a more affordable price per patch. Sounds like a pretty sweet (and temporary) deal to us.
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