Sheet Masks For Your Fingers Are Here — & They're Kind Of Awesome

Sheet masks are to 2017 what fragrance counters were to the '90s: You can't walk into a store without feeling bombarded by options. No matter your need — be it clear skin, a deeper tan, softer heels, or a winning Instagram selfie — there's a mask for that.
That means you can rest assured knowing that if you, like me, also suffer from disgustingly rugged cuticles and the kind of post-gel nail damage that haunts you at salon appointments, all hope is not lost. This summer, you'll be able to find a solution to your hand woes in the form of — you guessed it! — treatment-soaked papers in cutesy packaging to boot. Come July, Le Mini Macaron is dropping its Rose Nail & Finger Mask, which comes with 10 mini pads infused with hydrating glycerin, rose, and lavender and slips on your digits for 15 minutes. Does it sound excessive?
Not to me. My hands are in such a constant state of grotesque that I'd rather wear gloves in the dead of summer than have my gnawed-on nails and cuticles photobomb a Fourth of July photo. Suffice to say, I'm willing to try just about anything — and these finger masks felt like just the treat I needed.
In each package, there are two sheets with five finger holes, which I admittedly had a hard time keeping on. (My thumbs are really far away from the rest of my fingers.) Luckily after a good two minutes of wanting to poke my eyes out from hand immobility, I realized you can actually separate the pads to move your fingers around freely. That doesn't make the mask any less impractical — it is wildly so — especially if you are expecting to type all day at your computer, like I am. But it still feels fun and indulgent if you're ever looking to treat yourself on a weekend, and it leaves your hands smelling like fresh flowers for hours afterward.
As for my cuticles, they certainly looked more hydrated for a day or so afterward, even if not completely transformed. It made them that much more presentable, which to me was well worth the extra 15 minutes in my day. Much like Shakira’s hips, hands don’t lie.
Le Mini Macaron Rose Nail & Finger Mask, $4.50, available at Le Mini Macaron in July.
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