Ready, Set, Road Trip: Movies To Inspire Your Next Adventure

Back in the day, the most intrepid Americans hopped into caravans and settled into the great open prairie. They pushed the border of possibilities all the way to the Pacific. Then, in the '90s, the most intrepid Americans hopped on their computers and played The Oregon Trail. How times change.
The myth of the American frontier lives on in old-school video games, the National Parks, and, of course, the road trip movie. Each of these movies reminds us of a simple, but easy to overlook, fact: You can get anywhere from anywhere in the United States.
Want to ride a motorcycle from Los Angeles to New Orleans, a la Easy Rider? Sure — just take out insurance first. If you're heading to Redondo Beach, the only way to go is in a big yellow Volkswagen, like in Little Miss Sunshine.
Here, we break down the ultimate road trip movies. If you're planning on taking on the great American highway system this summer, have one of these films floating through your head before you take off.

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