This GOT Character Was Almost Killed Off Because Of A Scheduling Conflict

Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.
You don't need to be a Reddit-sleuthing Game of Thrones superfan to know one of the show's core tenets: All Men Must Die. Yes, if there's one thing we can count on when it comes to the plot-packed show, it's death. A recent YouTube masterpiece, compiling the gnarly death of every single human and animal on GOT, puts the tally at 150,966. While that number will surely grow in season 7, we do know that one character has been saved from meeting a gruesome end: Oberyn's daughter Nymeria Sand, a.k.a. Sandsnake.
The actress who plays Nymeria, Jessica Henwick, nearly had to back out of the upcoming season due to a huge scheduling conflict, as Entertainment Weekly reports. After the 24-year-old was cast in another big series, playing Colleen Wing on Netflix's Marvel’s Iron Fist, she thought she would have to bid GOT adieu. "I wasn’t able to do it," the actress told EW. "My schedule clashed. I was filming Iron Fist for six-to-seven months and they wouldn’t give me the time off. [GOT] was so massive for me in terms of my career and building my profile and as an experience in itself, I wanted to return."
Fortunately for us all, a producer for the HBO series convinced Henwick to work something out with Marvel, telling the English actress that if she didn't return for season 7, her character would unceremoniously disappear from the show. "So I spoke to Marvel and I managed to get a release," Henwick said. "I literally was flying back and forth while I was doing Iron Fist in New York to Belfast, even during Christmas break." Now that's dedication.
Though Henwick does cop to imagining what it would be like if she bowed out abruptly: "[A] part of me was like, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t do it … maybe Nymeria does just disappear!" she said. "And then fans will never know what happened to her." Yeah, we're really glad that producer talked some sense into her.
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