These Disney Characters Are Low-Key Style Icons

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.
The Fashion World has officially hit peak Mickey Mouse. Everyone's favorite cheery-eyed, white-gloved cartoon has become an It character, a muse for designers, evoking childhood nostalgia and satisfying graphic tee sensibilities with aplomb. His appeal is undeniable — still, isn't it a little overdone?
Yes, those ear-adorned Coach bags were totally adorable, and it's fun to catch hypebeasts repping Disney's official mascot. Yes, Marc Jacob's latest upgrade of the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt you got on your 9th birthday is guaranteed to sell out, and we're still not over that Lazy Oaf collection from last October. But come on. It's time more brands borrow a page from Kenzo's Jungle Book collection and bring some other characters out of the Disney vault and onto the runway. After all, each character aesthetic is iconic — and they've got the copyrights to prove it.
Ahead, our top five contenders for a new guard of Disney style muses.

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