Veronica Is Getting Married On Season 2 Of Riverdale

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW
There are so many questions we need answers to when Riverdale returns for season 2, but while we're definitely curious about the fate of Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) and whether Jughead (Cole Sprouse) will fully embrace his dark side, new behind-the-scenes photos of season 2 should make fans forget about all that drama. That's because new set photos reveal a wedding is going down — with Veronica (Camila Mendes) as the bride. Does that mean that she and Archie (K.J. Apa), who only just decided to be an official couple in the season 1 finale, are getting hitched?
The new photos, which were posted by Twitter account @RiverdaleBrasil, show Veronica in a white wedding dress alongside Josie (Ashleigh Murray), Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), and Betty (Lili Reinhart), who seem to be donning bridesmaid blue. Archie and Jughead, meanwhile, are wearing kilts and suit jackets. (Jughead still hasn't removed his hat). If Veronica is the bride, it's quite possible that Archie is the groom — however, before we jump to conclusions about a One Tree Hill-like wedding, these pics might not mean what we think they mean.
Other photos posted from set reveal that Jason (Trevor Stines) is also at this wedding, despite the fact that he is very much a corpse.
So what does that mean? The most obvious answer is that Veronica's wedding, likely to Archie, is nothing more than a dream. Archie Comics even explored scenarios in which Archie wed Betty, Veronica, and even Val (Hayley Law on Riverdale) in different timelines, so perhaps Veronica's big day is nothing more than a nod to those fantasy issues.
Still, we'll have to wait until season 2 premieres on October 11 to find out whether Veronica is getting hitched for real — and if not, who is dreaming that she is.

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