Claws Has An Unlikely Celebrity Fan

TNT’s new show Claws has garnered a lot of positive praise since its June 11 premiere. Not only does the dramedy off some badass nail art, but it also boasts an inherent feminist voice. Fun fact: Not only does it have five female leads, but it's also produced by Rashida Jones! It's no surprise that after just two weeks, the show is a fan-favorite. But in that sea of praise, there's one celebrity we never saw coming: Stephen King.
According to his most recent tweet, King watched the first couple episodes of Claws and was very impressed — enough so to post about it to his 3.4 millions followers. After just two episodes, he's admittedly a total fan and not just of the writing, but of the nail art, too. The 69-year-old posted to Twitter on Saturday night: "I am an official fan of CLAWS, on TNT. Those nail salon ladies kick major ass, and some of the nail jobs are insane."
King's fandom didn't go unnoticed, that's for sure — even the show's lead nail artist, celeb manicurist Gracie J, reposted the tweet to her Instagram account and fans went nuts. As a result, it seems as though there’s a Venn Diagram moment arising out of King and Claws devotees — and people are beginning to predict a wild, albeit not inconceivable, idea: Will King pull some creepy inspiration from the dope nail art from the TNT show?
Could you just imagine the epic story to come out of a King novel-turned-film starring Niecy Nash? We'd tune in, that's for sure...
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