Is Lana Del Rey Really Selling A Necklace With A Snuff Spoon?

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Fans aren't entirely sure what to make of Lana Del Rey's latest merchandise. That's because some people are convinced that the "Born To Die" singer's new necklace has a not-super-legal additional feature. Is sad girl songstress Lana Del Rey straight-up selling a necklace with a snuff spoon?
Uh, probably, because if Cruel Intentions taught me anything, a necklace with a detachable tiny spoon tends to be used for one thing — snorting coke at your step-brother's funeral. While we can't say what the necklace is for in this case, Del Rey's merchandise shop does feature a similar-looking necklace to Sarah Michelle Gellar's Kathryn, only this time, it's a hollow heart emblazoned with an LDR on one side and a snake on the other.
According to a fan message board, a similar necklace was sold at concerts in 2015 for Del Rey's Endless Summer tour. The necklace was seemingly pulled (or sold out?) and is now back.
Fans on Twitter are having a field day with the necklace:
"I want the Lana Del Rey heart lockit necklace with the coke spoon but i don't do coke so maybe i could use it for fun dip," wrote one fan.
"I just bought the gold Lana Del Rey coke necklace and I don't know if I'm embarrassed or proud," wondered another.
"my card got rejected whilst trying to buy the lana del rey coke becklace bc my bank thought it was fraud lmao," said another.
Others are rolling their eyes hard at Del Rey's merch.
"lana del rey is overdoing this whole 'i snort coke everyday' thing like girl we heard you the first time and we don't care anymore."
Not every fan is thrilled with Del Rey's (possible?) drug paraphernalia.
"Wow... why are people really out here doing coke like there's not so many health repercussions which include death," a fan commented.
"Is this a joke? This is so irresponsible. She can do whatever she wants but I'm thinking about the messaging this sends to young people," another added.
It seems everyone has an opinion on this piece, but I think it's safe to say that Del Rey doesn't care what anyone thinks — about herself, or what she's selling on her website.

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