Ssssh, Leslie Jones Has A Secret Boyfriend

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The love of my life officially has a love in her life: Leslie Jones, the inimitable comedian who will host the BET Awards this weekend, admitted on Conan O'Brien that she has a boyfriend these days, but she wants to keep him all to herself.
"I kinda am seeing someone," she told O'Brien. "Except it's a secret, so I don't want everyone bothering him." Jones regularly discusses her love life in her stand up — during one of her early appearances on Saturday Night Live, she talked about her struggle to find a partner. (These days, a recurring bit on the show details her fictional relationship with fellow cast member Kyle Mooney.)
Being single is a part of her comedy persona, as it is for many women comedians. In the same interview with O'Brien, Jones, 49, revealed why this might be the case. (Hint: Sexism has something to do with it.)
"This is what's upsetting me about this whole new fame thing," she began. "Everybody says you get the fame, and you get the money, and you get the men... Like Colin [Jost], Michael Che, all of them get all kinds of women. But I don't get [men]. Men are completely scared of me." This speaks to a sadly familiar double standard: Successful men are attractive. Successful women are intimidating.
Now that Jones is seeing someone, what will happen to her single-lady shtick? Well, she's already changed her tune. In a May episode of Saturday Night Live, Jones told "Weekend Update" host Colin Jost that she met a man in Jamaica during her vacation. In her words, the two did the "do not" all over tropical paradise: In a hammock, in a shower, and in front of a bunch of ogling crabs. (As you do.)
"I don't know; I just feel a little left out, I guess," Jost said in response. (Jones usually jokingly hits on the host during their segments.)
"Aw, Colin, you always find a way to bring it back to you," Jones replied. Boy, bye.
Watch the full clip of Jones on Conan, below.
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