Where We Left Off With Daenerys On Game Of Thrones

It's looking like our girl is off to rule Westeros, and we've never been prouder. In Season 6, we were treated to yet another spectacle in which Daenerys Targaryen triumphed over an impossible situation. She rode her Dragon, Drogon, across continents. She defeated the Dothraki patriarchy. She finally gathered up the force necessary to cross the Narrow Sea.
Much like parents who, on the way to drop their children off at college for the first time, wistfully recall them as infants, we too reminisce about Daenerys' early days. Before she was the Mother of Dragons, she was just a quivering girl married off to a Khal by her greedy older brother. Over the seasons, she's come into her own — and then some. That character development is certain to reach a head when she comes in contact with Westeros' own set of badass leading ladies, from Sansa Stark to Cersei Lannister.
Here's where we left off with Daenerys, and what her trusty crew of Missandei, Grey Worm, and Jorah are up to come Season 7.
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