The Sneaky Way This Kid Used Beauty To Cheat On A Physics Test

Only once in high school did I come thisclose to cheating on an exam. We were being tested on the book The Odyssey, and anyone who has read the epic fully understands that it is complex AF. I wrote some hints on the back of my hand, but by the time I sat down, I was so scared of getting caught that I quickly rubbed it all off with hand sanitizer.
I wasn't wrong in my thinking: Writing test answers on your hand is an easy way to cheat, but it’s an even easier way to get caught. Now, writing those answers on the inside of your nails, on the other hand? That’s brilliant.
And that’s exactly what Twitter user @glxzwdwyws did. According to Teen Vogue, the student took to the social media site to share his nail hack: a DIY manicure with tiny pieces of paper — and test answers — glued onto the underside of each nail. People seem to appreciate his evil brilliance — it has since received 97,000 retweets and 284,000 likes.
He then tweeted another photo of his masterpiece up close, adding that he could fit in three physics formulas per nail. (Which, in case you cheated on your math homework, equals up to 15 formulas per hand.) To add a finishing touch, he topped each nail with glitter nail polish. Et voila!
While we would never condone cheating, we'd be lying if we said we didn't appreciate a creative nail design. For me, I'll probably just stick to my negative space or polka dot mani.
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