Is This Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette Tic When She's Just Not That Into You?

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We’re in Week 4 of The Bachelorette, so the frontrunners for Rachel Lindsay’s heart are starting to become apparent. Peter Krause has been one to watch since day one — and not just because he’s quite easy to look at at — as has Eric Bigger, who couldn’t find himself in more mansion controversy if he tried. Although it’s become pretty obvious these are the men our 2017 Bachelorette is most interested in, Rachel started giving off one big tic to prove she’s just not that into a few of her other contestants: asking them what the heck is going on in the house.
During last night’s post-group date one-on-ones the reality TV star’s conversational tic became impossible to ignore. One of Rachel’s first chats in the episode is with Peter, who makes the Bachelorette light up like a Christmas tree every single time he’s within a three-foot radius of her. She mentions the drama of last week, calling the tense time "very hectic," but never asks the former male model to explain what’s going on behind the scenes. Instead, she laces her hand around his as it rests on her leg. They talk about the future, whether either of them is willing to leave their respective hometowns for love, and Rachel even drops a bombshell, revealing she can practice law in Peter’s native state of Wisconsin. It all sounds like an actual date.
The Bachelorette star had a similarly real outing with newly-proven Mature Adult, Dean Unglert. During their big one-on-one date, the 25-year-old shares the truly tragic story of his mom’s lengthy breast cancer battle and death, bringing him closer to Rachel. Once both halves of the duo drys their tears, they head to a Russell Dickerson concert, where they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Again, there’s no mention of the drama among the men, and everything feels like a romantic date, even though we all know it’s producer-orchestrated.
Now compare these conversations — as well as Rachel’s flirty Week 4 dates with Eric and the "charming" Bryan Abasolo — with her alone time with the likes of Iggy Rodriguez and Lee "I Think Black Lives Matter Is A Terrorist Group" Garrett. Over the last two weeks, Rachel has seemingly learned nothing about what these men dream of for the future or what tragic backstories they’re hiding. But, she definitely knows whom they find "aggressive" and whom they’re sure "isn’t here for the right reasons." And, it’s not even like Lee and Iggy are guiding these chats. It’s simply a fact Rachel only wants to do gossipy therapy sessions with them.
According to Week 4’s editing, once Rachel finishes making out with Eric, she hangs out with Iggy. "What was happening?!" she asks Iggy barely before they can sit down. Hilariously, she asks the alleged "CEO" this question, despite knowing he was in no way directly involved in the clash between Kenny King and Lee. Instead of answering quickly and then segueing the conversation towards something a little more personal and romantic, Iggy waxes poetic on which guys he questions about, feeling "protective" of Rachel and Josiah Graham being a "pariah."
The same thing happens with Lee. Although the anti-feminist contestant tried to rave about their super fun boat date during a one-one, Rachel basically answers, "Yes, mmhmm, now back to the cocktail party screaming." She couldn’t be less interested in how "positive" the singer-songwriter believes he is. The Bachelorette’s conversation with Kenny then spins into another deep dive into mansion madness, even when the wrestler attempts to dazzle the lawyer with another freestyle rap. When Eric had a similarly awkward conversation with Rachel last week, the Bachelorette let him spin what could've been a confrontation into an emotional heart-to-heart. Kenny doesn't get that opportunity.
We could chalk the reality star’s drama counseling up to her desire to keep it 100, but it’s clear she’s not having these conversations with the men she’s serious about. Men of Bachelor Nation, just know your time is probably up the moment you hear Rachel Lindsay say, "So, what was going on?"
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