One Of The Bachelorette Men Has Quite The Offensive Set Of Tweets

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The Bachelorette is a show about finding love, but it is also about finding the scoop on all the contestants brave (or dumb, desperate, thirsty) enough to enter the reality dating show realm. And as we found during our own investigation, many of the men have a background full of thin attempts to achieve fame through modeling, fitness, or actingand one of them is known to tweet anti-feminist thoughts. But now it's come to light that the same contestant has also tweeted a reprehensible string of tweets racist and bigoted tweets as seen on Huffington Post.
Lee Garrett (the short white man who couldn't play basketball worth a damn in Monday's episode) has recently disabled his Twitter, taking it off of public following the news of his reprehensible tweets, which HuffPo has screenshots of on their site. He tweeted negatively about Black Lives Matter (comparing the movement to a terrorist group), feminists, Islam, and the LGBTQ community, to name a few targets. The one that also stands out the most from the garbage he spewed out in less than a 140-characters is one specifically about the NAACP. HuffPo reports that he wrote "What's the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? Wait for it..... one has the sense of shame to cover their racist ass faces."
Yes, this man is on national television on a dating show challenge for the heart of the first Black Bachelorette — who happens to be an educated, eloquent, young woman who has no idea that his social media presence is marked with offensive comment after offensive comment.
As of now, this is what his Twitter feed looks like.
In addition to making me cross my fingers that this man is booted off the show next Monday, this situation gives us a good opportunity to question the screening process for the contestants. Did no producer, assistant or even intern think to check the contestants social media footprint? Especially one as bad as this? Or is this all part of the drama soon to be seen on the series. If so, that's a cheap excuse for entertainment, and pretty disappointing for Lindsay, who has been nothing but patient and supportive of all the men on the show, including Garrett.
Do better, ABC.
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