Someone Finally Found A Way To Stop Makeup Stains From Getting On Your Clothes

In classic Hollywood movies, women are always shown wrapped up in silk robes in front of their vanities, powdering their noses and lining their lips in bright red before stepping into their glamorous outfits for the evening. This is dangerously misleading, because in the real world, getting dressed should always come first, long before you start in on your hair and makeup. Pulling a dress over your head after your foundation’s been blended or you've just applied a fresh coat of mascara is a gamble, and it often ends in disaster — and orange marks on your collar.
We’ve put men on the moon and recreated black holes in labs, but somehow we still haven’t found a way of resolving the all-too-common complaint — until now. Following in the ingenious footsteps of the girl who discovered that wearing goggles in the shower is a brilliant way to wash your hair without sacrificing your on-point eye makeup (we still can’t get over that one), Twitter user _evamariie is going viral for her DIY solution to the makeup-stain conundrum.
It turns out the answer has been right in front of us all this time: All you need is a plastic bag, and you’re in business. The tweet has since amassed over 17,000 retweets, all praising the low-key genius of the trick. Now, if only we could discover a less conspicuous way of doing this in public — it would make shopping for white shirts at Zara that much better for everyone involved.

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