Ansel Elgort & Jamie Foxx Make A Great Musical Duo

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS.
There's a movie called Baby Driver coming out soon, and we are currently in the heat of the promo for the action-musical movie. And that means lots of unplanned (*wink*) cameos on late night shows, like The Late Late Show with James Corden. Fortunately for Jamie Foxx and Ansel Elgort, they're good enough singers and actors to get away with these little riff-off stunts. And by "get away with," I mean that they are actually really, really good at singing.
During Thursday night's show, Corden and Foxx started an impromptu riff-off — until Elgort appeared, half-way through, to take things over by singing Commodore's Mo-Town classic, "Easy," which appears in the film as part of its extensive soundtrack.
Spoiler alert: it's great. Or in the words of Corden, "That was phenomenal." Then, in their semi-matching bombers, Foxx and Elgort eventually invited Corden to join them in song to sing "Ain't No Mountain High." It's extremely cheesy, but I've watched it three times, so it works. It's also clear from the video that Foxx and Elgort have good chemistry, which is funny, considering their characters at odds with each other in their film.
The plot of Baby Driver is hinged on music, so it makes sense that two of the leading men in the movie would be talented singers and performers. Now if only we could get Jon Hamm on stage and make it a quartet — that would be a "riff-off" I'd love to see.
Watch the full 12-minute musical jaunt below.
Baby Driver hits theaters June 28.
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