Reminder: Lena Dunham Loves Her Body, Has The Naked Selfies To Prove It

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Lena Dunham, like the rest of us, has a complicated relationship with her body. In an Instagram post Thursday night, the writer and actor explained that, despite all the negativity out there, she's finally coming to terms with the various qualities of her form. Captioning a naked body selfie, Dunham wrote that her body contains multitudes, like women themselves.
"I feel deeply comfortable with the idea that this pear-shaped pot of honey is equally good for making people laugh and laying out like a Suicide Girl circa 2004," Dunham wrote alongside a picture of her nude body. (She used pear and honey emojis to censor the most private bits.)
Dunham noted that she'd previously utilized her body exclusively for humor. "Its sole purpose was to be fodder for jokes. I performed the insult so no one else could." Now, though, Dunham explains coming around to the idea that a funny body and a sexy body aren't mutually exclusive.
In the post, Dunham cites @eatingboys, a highly followed Instagram account that appeared in Lenny Letter essay Dunham published in 2016. In it, the Girls creator detailed her obsession with a specific online subculture: the internet alter ego. This particular Instagrammer uses the social platform to curate a persona that is both sexy and funny.
"One of the reasons @eatingboys has inspired me so much is because of the way she mixes her humor and sexuality," Dunham explained. The account is anonymous — the woman who runs it told Dunham over private message that her coworkers do not know the page exists, and that it serves as a secret "shrine" to herself. The feed is populated by memes and come-hither pics, all presented with a hearty wink. (One cleavage-filled selfie has the caption: "From Jail Bait to Click Bait. Stay tuned to see how I continue to objectify myself.") It's seemingly what inspires Dunham to find herself both alluring and hilarious.
While many comments on Dunham's post are in the realm of "Yes, girl!," there are a few detractors — ugh. A tweet from Dunham this morning seemed to be in response to criticism that she'd posted the picture for "attention."
"I love when I post things and people say 'you want attention.' That's like the ultimate blank 7th grade girl diss. Also what if I did?" Dunham wrote.
So, Dunham wants attention, and the rest of the folks on Twitter want what, exactly? Cheesecake?
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