Olivia Wilde's Son Is Very Strict With His Baby Sister

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In a page straight out of Mary Poppins, it seems that Olivia Wilde's running her house with military precision — only she's not the drill sergeant.
According to Entertainment Tonight, her son, Otis, is coming down hard on his little sister, being super-strict and almost militant with his younger sibling. Is that something a spoonful of sugar can remedy?
"He's like a drill sergeant. I don't know who let him watch Full Metal Jacket, but he is so hard on her," Wilde said during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "He's really putting her through the works, it's boot camp. So, she's going to come out of it really ripped and with a great attitude. But he screams!"
His choice words? "You don't live here!" Wilde said, which is something just about every new older brother feels at one point. After all, he probably didn't ask for the new arrival.
Wilde explained that she's totally unfamiliar with Otis' commandeering attitude and this peculiar dynamic. She told Colbert that she grew up in a totally different and decidedly non-militant environment. She has siblings, but she said that they were all nice to each other and didn't treat each other like grunts and soldiers.
"I have an older sister who was so nice to me, so I'm not familiar with this," Wilde said. "But I have a little brother and I was nice to him. So I don't know. I think he's aware that he's sharing me with her because I'm on Broadway and as everyone who's in a play will tell you, you miss a lot of bedtimes and it's tough."
It seems like Otis is taking over bedtime duties — albeit with a heavier hand than anything Wilde's ever experienced. Check out the whole interview, including more of Otis' unique parenting style, in the video below.
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