12 Movies That Start With A One-Night Stand

A one-night stand with a stranger might be a complicated way to start a relationship, but it's a great way to start a movie. In each of these films, two people are brought together with the lure of a brief, noncommittal hookup. And then, the game of inconvenient attractions, doomed love, or, in some cases, dire repercussions, begins.
In movies, one-night stands are the catalyst for the rest of the story. Such is the case with the upcoming Netflix thriller, You Get Me, out June 23. In the movie, a heartbroken Tyler (Taylor John Smith) hooks up with the enticing, mysterious, sports car-driving Holly (Bella Thorne) right after his girlfriend, Ali, dumps him. The Monday after, Tyler gets two surprises: He and Ali get back together, and Holly has enrolled in his high school. Holly will do anything to get Tyler back — and since this is a teen thriller, that includes murder.
Chance encounters are ripe with the potential for drama and, occasionally, stalkers like Holly. But are they relationship-building material? Hold tight as we determine the lasting power of these cinematic one-night stands.
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