The Most Expensive-Looking Pieces At H&M Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of H&M.
It's easy to look sloppy in the summer, and we don't blame anyone for that (well, we do blame the humid, heavy, 96-degree heat, but that's another story). When you can't even leave the house without turning into a sticky, sweat-stained mess in a matter of minutes, we're more likely to grab that sleeveless tank and cut-off shorts we wore to a music festival in college than even try to wear anything remotely "nice."
But, H&M is convincing us otherwise this season. With satin-y crossbodies, bright sandals, and breezy tops and dresses, you'll survive the crowded, stinky subway and step off the train in style. Ahead, we've rounded up the most expensive-looking pieces from the retailer's summer drop — where nothing is-over $50. (Because no one wants to splurge on an item that might be sweat-stained after just one wear). Yeah, we can hardly believe it either.