Tom Cruise Nearly Choked Laughing At Tom Cruise Memes

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2017's version of The Mummy currently has an abysmal score of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. But it looks like the film's star is taking it in stride and staying positive.
In an interview with BBC Radio 1 published Friday, Tom Cruise sees memes of himself for the first time. And he can't get enough of them, either.
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation came out in 2015, but somehow, no one has ever showed the actor the "Tom Cruise Clinging" meme in the last two years.
The meme first started before the movie was even released. In the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer, Cruise hangs off of a military jet. It's an image that's ripe for the internet to work its magic. The #TomCruiseClinging meme included images of the actor hanging off of Nicolas Cage's face, flying out of a Jay Leno interview, and appearing next to Darth Maul as he falls to his death, among many others. And apparently, Cruise hadn't seen a single one.
When BBC Radio 1's Ali Plumb asked Cruise if he'd seen the memes, he probably expected the actor to say he had. Or, if he hadn't, Plumb probably didn't expect such a jovial response. But when he showed Cruise a selection of the images, including him clinging to Free Willy and, of course, to Nic Cage, the actor couldn't contain his laughter. He literally slapped his knee when he first saw the memes.
"Why hasn't anyone showed me that before?" Cruise said of the memes. "That is hilarious."
He laughed so hard at them, in fact, that Plumb had to ask an offscreen BBC Radio 1 crew member to bring the actor a glass of water. The meme discussion starts at 2:24 in the video below — trust me, it's worth your time.
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