The Hunger Games Taught This Teen How To Save Her Friend

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Typically when discussions regarding the influence of movies on teens pops up in headlines it’s something negative. We hear about violence from an action movie manifesting IRL or young teens receiving problematic messages about sex and body language. But this story is different.
In a story published by the Gloucester Times, one girl was affected in a positive way. On Saturday, sixth-grader Mackenzie George, was playing in a marsh when she slipped and fell on a piece of metal which severely cut her leg open. The 10-inch long, 3-inch wide gash on her leg was gushing with blood and she needed help to stop the bleeding fast. "I didn’t feel anything. I thought I just bumped my leg, but when I pulled it up I saw the cut and I started screaming to call 911," Mackenzie said to the GT.
That’s when her friend, 12-year-old Megan Gething, came to her rescue. Gething is a big fan of The Hunger Games book series, remembered reading about making a tourniquet in the book acted quickly to help out her friend.
"I knew it from a book I read, The Hunger Games. I figured it was a well-known method of stopping bleeding,” Gething said. She grabbed Mackenzie's shorts and wrapped it firmly around her leg to help reduce the bleeding. “Going through my mind was just helping 'Kenzie," she said. She then sent another friend for help.
Soon Mackenzie was brought to a local hospital where she was then transferred to the larger, Boston Children's Hospital. Considering the injury happened in a marsh, doctors were concerned with the risk of a serious infection. Thankfully everything checked out: She’s on track for a full recovery within a month.
"Megan [Gething] was the star of the show,” said Mackenzie's father. “Thank goodness she was there. Mackenzie would have lost a lot more blood, and it could have been life-threatening if she hadn’t done what she did," he said.
Talk about the odds being in Mackenzie’s favor.

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