This Phone Case Is About To Change The Way You Do Your Makeup

In this technology-obsessed day and age, we’re practically glued to our phones. We live our lives on the go, iPhone or Android always in hand — because how else would we make dinner reservations, keep track of our finances, check the time, make sure we get from one place to the other, stay in touch with family and friends, and put flattering filters that make even the most mundane of daily activities look enviable?
The point is, we use our phones for everything, and there’s a new phone case that’s about to take that one (huge) step further. PoutCase offers a slide-out compartment that stores a customizable palette, so the hassle of carting your messy makeup bag from home to the subway to work and back again will be a thing of the past.

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The origin story behind the PoutCase is ingenuous: Its founder, trying to be discreet about a makeup compact during a board meeting, tied the product to her phone with a hairband. Suddenly inspired, she started working on her invention the very next day. That's entrepreneurship at its finest.
Choose from the brand’s seven shades of lipstick, four shades of foundation, and clear hydrating lip balm, and you’ve got all the necessities for your no doubt very busy day. Plus, with its four trendy color options — white and gold, black and gold, white and pink, and black and pink — your phone will look as good as you will.
Currently, the PoutCase is available for pre-order on its website. The brand is U.K.-based, and it’s not entirely clear how their stateside shipping will work, though it’s free for U.K. addresses. The case itself will run you £30, which is about $38 USD, and you get any three of the mix-and-match makeup products for £20, which comes out to around $25. It doesn’t come cheap, but that’s the price of convenience — and the PoutCase is pretty much the definition of convenience.

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