Mandy Moore Had The Best Reaction To Getting Hit On

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Mandy Moore, who grew up in the world of bubblegum pop, sweet teen movies, and hormone-driven fans, says that she's never been hit on before. And while that may be hard to believe, her appearance on Billy on the Street alongside her This Is Us co-stars may just convince naysayers. Entertainment Tonight reports that the actor was so excited about the impromptu flirtation that she rushed home to tell her boyfriend.
During her appearance running around New York City, a complete stranger approached Moore and said, "Are you single? I'm Brian." Flushed and flustered, she said explained to the eager admirer that she is, in fact, in a relationship (Moore is currently seeing musician Taylor Goldsmith). She explained to ET that it was a new experience for her. She's never, ever, been hit on out of the blue, explaining that the whole situation was definitely unexpected, especially in such a frantic and frenetic setting.
"I was so happy to finally get to be a part of [Billy on the Street] and I've never been asked out before by a stranger like that," Moore told ET. "That was a whole new experience for me, so I told my boyfriend afterwards because I was really flattered."
Unfortunately for Brian on the street, things between Moore and Goldsmith seem to be going pretty well. ("He doesn't have reason to worry," she said.) Otherwise, knowing how sweet Moore is, she probably would take Brian up on his offer.
"I checked that off the bucket list," Moore told ET. "Thanks, Billy. Thanks, Brian, actually. Brian was the guy's name."
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