14 Celebrities You Didn't Know Went To Jail

In January of 1980, Paul McCartney was arrested at customs in the Tokyo airport for attempting to smuggle a half pound of marijuana into the country. McCartney was one of the biggest rock stars in the world — but he was still breaking the law. As a result of his nine-day prison sentence, McCartney had to cancel 11 Wings concerts and pay 1 million British pounds in compensation as a result. That said, if Paul McCartney weren't a Beatle, an offense of this magnitude could have resulted in seven years hard labor.
Being a celebrity got McCartney off the hook, more or less. But fame generally doesn't matter much in the face of the law.
For a variety of reasons, these celebrities have spent significant time in prison. Some went to prison before their careers took off. Others, much like Judy King in Orange Is the New Black, were already famous. Between shifts in the kitchen at a California state prison, for example, Robert Downey Jr. regularly spoke to a Vanity Fair reporter for a profile.
Here's a roundup of celebrities you didn't know went to jail.
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