The Hilarious Reason Troian Bellisario Used To Spoil Pretty Little Liars

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform
Got a secret, can you keep it? Apparently not if you're Troian Bellisario, who loved spoiling Pretty Little Liars. The TV star, who has portrayed Spencer Hastings for seven seasons on the Freeform series, admitted that she used to routinely dish out PLL details, even though everyone else on the show tried their hardest to keep tight-lipped about Rosewood's ever-twisting mystery. The reason she was cool with revealing so much? According to the actress, no one believed her!
Bellisario admitted that she was seen as less-than-trustworthy in an interview to Entertainment Weekly — even though her spoilers were totally legit.
"I feel like in the past I’ve definitely said the truth about some things because I knew people wouldn’t believe me," Bellisario revealed to EW. "That was the best way to keep the secret — to bluntly say exactly what would happen and then say, 'But can you ever trust me?' And because I’ve been on a show with the word 'liar' in the title, nobody believed me!"
She even said that she dished secrets about Mona (Janel Parrish), the Original A who was murdered by Big A and eventually came back from the dead. However, no matter how juicy Bellisario's intel, those she spilled to knew from years of watching Pretty Little Liars that they should trust no one.
Bellisario did more than just act on her Freeform series. This half season, she directed the episode "In The Eye Abides The Heart," better known as the scene in which Spencer has a very odd encounter with Wren (Julian Morris) at the airport. (If Bellisario wants to spill any more deets on PLL, an explanation for that scene would be critical.)
With only three episodes left of Pretty Little Liars, we'll take all the spoilers we can get — and remember not to second guess any of the words that have come out of Bellisario's mouth.

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