Here's Why Troian Bellisario Wanted To Get Killed Off Pretty Little Liars

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A good slogan for the town of Rosewood would be, “People come and go so quickly here!” Although it often seems like there’s a death nearly once a week, it’s just as common for characters to mysteriously reappear. One Pretty Little Liars star, Troian Bellisario, recently revealed that she wanted to get killed off the show because she thought it would shake things up for Spencer’s character and the other Liars.
“I definitely tried [to get killed off],” Bellisario told W Magazine. “A) You want a death scene, and B) On our show, your character becomes infinitely more interesting when you die. I honestly felt that for this world to be truly dangerous, one of the Liars would have to die. Otherwise, 'A' is just always putting them in danger and still saving them.”
Now that she mentions it, this would have been a pretty amazing and jaw-dropping twist. I mean, no one really dies in Rosewood (looking at you, Ali and Mona) so Spencer definitely would have made a triumphant return. But it would have been a great dynamic to watch her best friends navigate life (and handle A’s threats) while under the impression that Spencer was six feet under.
Although everyone’s favorite political lobbyist had a brush with death in the Season 7A finale, she’s already on the mend. And luckily for viewers, the shooting and the bonkers reveal that Mary Drake is her biological mom hasn’t hindered her ability to play sleuth and dish out sarcastic one-liners like nobody’s business.
Pretty Little Liars is officially in its home stretch, so unfortunately Bellisario won’t get to live out her dream of getting killed off. But another dream did come true for the multi-talented actress — she directed the fourth episode of Season 7B, which will air on May 23.
“When I got to actually direct, I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long,” Bellisario told W. “And everyone was so supportive; everywhere I went there were high-fives.”

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