Who Is Uber A On Pretty Little Liars? Brendan Robinson Spilled Spoilers

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Can we trust Lucas on Pretty Little Liars? Not as far as we could throw a box of his collectable action figures. However, we can trust PLL actor Brendan Robinson, especially when he's revealing major PLL finale spoilers. The actor — whose character was revealed to be a camp friend of Charlotte, aka the Liars' dollhouse torturer — spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Lucas' role in the A.D. business, and how he felt when he learned of the true identity of Uber A. Apparently, the latter was a real doozy.
While I was convinced that Lucas was A.D. — umm, he makes apps, and the board game is basically one big, interactive app — it seems like the Rosewood High alum is no more than a red herring... sigh! However, Robinson teased to ET's Pretty Little Liars' after show The Rosewood Rundown that learning of the real villain's identity was a huge shock to the system:
"When I found out who it was, I hadn’t read the script yet, because it was a couple weeks in advance and it didn’t make total sense to me at first," he explained to ET. "And then, when I saw the script and I read it and we all sat down — and the people that are involved in those scenes do a really, really phenomenal job — all the questions are answered and it made sense."
Sounds a lot like the Big A reveal. Hardly anyone expected the person we knew as Cece Drake (Vanessa Ray) to reveal that she was a long-lost DiLaurentis born as Charles, and it sounds like the A.D. jaw-dropper will need just as much an explanation.
Whatever that explanation be, PLL showrunner I. Marlene King said it would be a complex one that humanizes the baddie in question.
"Every villain has a real human story. The best villains are relatable people. In my humble opinion," King revealed on Twitter back in February.
However, if you are still suspecting Lucas of being the man behind the hoodie, Robinson tossed that theory out the window. He told Entertainment Tonight that Lucas' motives really are as sweet and pure as they seemed in Tuesday's episode. Who would have thought?
"I’ll say this, if he is involved, I think it's for a good reason," he teased. "He is trying to protect Hanna for a good reason."
Robinson's last plea to fans? Start looking at all of those little clues — they matter.
"There are hints that have been dropped for a long time," he told ET.
Start screenshotting everything, people! You never know which tiny clue could unravel the truth.

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