Do Those Final Moments Of Pretty Little Liars Prove Mona Is A.D.?

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform.
With only a handful of episodes left on Pretty Little Liars, it’s high time everyone finds out the true identity of supreme puppetmaster A.D. Although our money was on a literal A.D. — app developer Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson) — we’re not so sure any more. First, Robinson himself is denying he’s Uber A. And, now, the latest season 7B episode "Driving Miss Crazy" hinted someone else might be the culprit: OG A, Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish).
Our suspicions around Mona starting shooting upwards when she was dragged into the Liars Lament game. Considering the fact the murderous game comes equipped with knives and poisonous gas, how is it cool with Mona’s uninvited inspection? When Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) got within breathing distance of Lament, he was sent to the hospital. Things only get more suspect when Mona claims she tracked down the doctor who performed Ali DiLaurentis’s forced artificial insemination. How on Earth did she manage that so easily? Then, of course, Mona was lurking around The Brew when Aria Montgomery went downstairs to pick up her prize from A.D. How very coincidental.
While all of these instances may only seem peculiar after years of PLL-induced paranoia, the final moments of "Miss Crazy" prove something is definitely going on with Mona. Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) shows up at her longtime frenemy’s door to tell her some new information on the agency involved in Ali’s pregnancy. Mona shoos her away at an alarmingly fast rate, like she’s hiding something. When Mona finally goes in her multi-locked apartment, we learn why. The D.C. insider has a Homeland-worthy crazy wall dedicated to all things Liars. The array of information proves Mona knows far more than the dogged Detective Furey (Nicholas Gonzalez) will ever learn.
On the wall, viewers can spot a map of Rosewood with a Post-It placed in the center and the southwest corner, the floor plans of multiple houses, small photographs of the Liars Lament game, a giant photograph of the Lament game with multiple Post-Its on it (one simply reading “Emily”), countless police reports, Hanna Marin’s mugshot, a photo of CeCe Drake, a Post-It reading “The Hastings,” childhood photos of what appear to be Ali and CeCe, every major Rosewood Observer front-page, an ultrasound image, and even more Post-It notes. Finally, the camera pans to the corner of Mona’s apartment and you can spy four shovels hiding there. Those are presumably the shovels Hanna (Ashley Benson) spent the episode searching for as the police close in on the Liars over the death of Archer Dunhill.
In true PLL fashion, the young women used the shovels to bury Ali’s evil husband’s body after Hanna ran him over.
With all of this obsessive information decorating Mona’s walls it’s clear she’s more involved in A.D.’s plot then we ever knew. It’s highly possible she is A.D., considering her possession of the Liars Lament photos and the shovels, but it’s doubtful PLL would reveal the super villain's identity to fans three episodes before the finale. Only time will tell if Mona's wall is a red herring or proof she should be rocking a black hoodie.
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