The Crazy Reason George & Amal's Twins Won't Be Able To Claim Lebanese Citizenship

Photo: Kristina Nikishina/Getty Images.
Warning: For the next two weeks, please expect at least half of your internet feed to be about the newest celebrity twins. Amal Clooney gave birth to two lovely babies Tuesday, and the internet is in a tizzy. (The only thing that might halt our fascination with these twins is the birth of Beyoncé's.) The tots, dubbed Ella and Alexander, are barely a day old, but we have a few questions. Namely: What is their citizenship?
Early reports on the birth suggest the twins were born in London, England. However, Amal Clooney holds a dual citizenship in both Lebanon and Britain. Clooney is just plain American. This raises the question: Will Ella and Alexander Clooney take British citizenship, American citizenship, Lebanese citizenship, or all three?
Because the babies were born in London, they will be British citizens. (It helps that their mother, Amal, also holds U.K. citizenship.) Because George is American, they will also have automatic American citizenship. Based on research, though, the kids won't be able to obtain Lebanese citizenship. Why, you ask? Because sexism. That's why.
As per the Lebanese government website, citizenship cannot be passed down by the mother. Instead, citizenship in Lebanon, according to a century-old law, flows through paternity. If Amal Clooney were the father, her children could obtain Lebanese citizenship.
"There’s no restriction on their children having passports from both countries, so that’s not an issue,” Saei said. “Where they’re born will make a difference at first, but ultimately even that won’t matter much. They can apply for dual citizenship for the other country, based on the fact that their mom is from the U.K. and their dad is from the U.S."
Because this family is so global, living in multiple countries and vacationing in Lake Como, the children will likely take a dual citizenship.
Now for the real question: Will Ella and Alexander Clooney have British accents? I can think of nothing more adorable.
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