Is This Video Proof That Arya & Sansa Stark Reunite In Game Of Thrones Season 7?

Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.
Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are real-life friends, and they interact quite often when they aren't filming Game of Thrones. They joke, the catch up, and they send fans into a tizzy whenever they flaunt their #FriendGoals. Seeing them hang out IRL almost makes up for the fact that we haven't seen the dynamic Stark ladies have a sisterly on-screen moment together in way too long.
But, there are finally signs of a Stark reunion — even including honorable Stark family member, Jon Snow. Fans speculated that the Entertainment Weekly covers for the show, which came out last month, contained clues that the family does interact. And now, a new unexpected behind-the-scenes look at the show provides a new piece of evidence supporting the #StarkFamReunion.
HBO released an "Inside the Thrones" video on YouTube, featuring the show's incredibly visionary costume designer, Michele Clapton. Clapton speaks to the camera explaining the inspiration behind the shows looks, and how she first dabbled with design as a career choice. Not only is the video insightful for anyone interested in fashion, design, or GOT, but it also links the two sisters to each other.
In one scene, Arya Stark (Williams) is seen horseback with her sword, Needle. In the next one, an assistant on set is walking behind Sansa Stark (Turner) in between a scene in the crypt, and looks like she is about to pass off the sword for someone to hold.
In a perfect world, this video evidence means that both Arya and Sansa are in the crypt with their brother, Jon — possibly the same crypt where Jon potentially fights Petyr Baelish. Ideally, the video also means that together, the three of them will be able to take down the power-hungry and maniacal Cersei Lannister.
This is the take that BuzzFeed, as well as Redditors, are banking on. But, a pessimistic, yet wise, commenter on a BuzzFeed story shares a much more sinister take on why Sansa could be in a crypt with her younger sister's sword. Could she be laying the sword down by the grave of her sister? Could this be hinting at Arya's death? Ugh, HBO, this is so not what we meant when we said we wanted them to all reunite — we meant we wanted to see them together ALIVE.
This is all just speculation, but with only a mere month and a week or so until the premiere of season 7, we'll be getting answers in no time. Until then, stay safe, Stark sisters.

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