This Underwater Lounge Proves That It's Better Under The Sea

There are bars in aquariums, sure. Plenty of bars in caves. Bars on rooftops? Old hat. But an underwater lounge on a cruise ship is a pretty new concept. And according to Travel + Leisure, it's now a reality thanks to French expedition cruise company Ponant.
The first-ever underwater lounge, called Blue Eye, will be featured aboard the company's four new Ponant Explorers: Le Bougainville, Le Dumont-d'Urville, Le Lapérouse, and Le Champlain, reports T + L. The yachts will launch in 2018 and 2019.
Photo: Courtesy of Ponant.
We know it looks a little bit like Dr. Evil's lair, but just imagine yourself admiring the marine life while sipping on a Mai Tai. A little bit futuristic, a little bit whimsical, and a whole lot of seaweed garnish. (At least we hope so, because seaweed garnish sounds kind of cool.)
T + L reports that Blue Eye's features include "two large glass portholes designed like the eyes of a whale that let passengers peer out into the depths below," digital screens projecting live images from under the sea, sounds from within a three-mile radius of the ship projected via speakers in surround-sound, and "sofas that vibrate in unison with the sea."
Just like that, you've crossed "party underwater" off your bucket list. Now go get your mermaid on.
Photo: Courtesy of Ponant.

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