What To Expect From A Wonder Woman Sequel

Courtesy of Warner Bros
She blazes through battlefields with a shield that can deflect machine guns. She bursts into the WWI strategy room without nary a consideration for stuffy gender politics. She appreciates a good ice cream cone. She’s Wonder Woman, and she’s the best superhero we can remember.
We’re not the only people who can’t get enough of Wonder Woman. Making $103.1 million in North America, Wonder Woman had the highest opening weekend for a film directed by a woman. And if audiences flocked in droves to the movies this weekend, it’s because critics raved in droves. Wonder Woman has a 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes.
Given the overwhelmingly positive response to Wonder Woman’s first-ever movie, one doesn’t need to be psychic to predict that this won’t be her last. A sequel is brewing somewhere in the Warner Bros. studios.
Here are our best guesses as to the plot and details of the Wonder Woman sequel.
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