Rihanna Is The Unspoken Goddess Of The NBA

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Getty Images
I don't know much about sports (seriously — ask any of my friends). I think they are pretty boring, mostly, because I don't know the line-up of players like I know the line-up of contestants on The Bachelorette.
But I do know that Robyn Rihanna Fenty loves basketball. Specifically, Rihanna loves to cheer on the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team that includes her favorite player, LeBron James. The singer is known for sitting courtside and getting really hype over the games (we're talking screaming, cheering, and waving her arms). She seems like a really fun person to get drunk with, which is probably why even the veteran sports announcers for the game can't control themselves when she walks into a stadium.
During Game 1 of the NBA Finals (Golden State Warriors versus the Cavs), Rihanna waltzed into the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Cali. and became the immediate topic of conversation. Jeff Van Gundy, previous owner of the New York Knicks and current ESPN commentator, was mid-sentence when the 29-year-old "Needed Me" singer strolled by, and he was shook. "I don't about this, but Rihanna just walked in front of me. Are you kidding me?" he said in the midst of praising LeBron's impressive dunk.
Even Sports Illustrated is deeming her the MVP of the game (which the Cavs lost — go figure).
Yes — sports announcers and sports publications chose to talk about Bad Gal RiRi over LeBron after a game-changing dunk, which is something I would totally do, too. So maybe I do get sports after all. Hmm.
Let's end this thrilling sports talk with a video of RiRi dabbing and then waving off an annoyed Warriors fan.
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