Rob Kardashian Just "I Don't Know Her"-ed His Rumored Girlfriend

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Update: A rep for James has confirmed to Refinery29 that James is not dating Kardashian.
This story was originally published at 10:45 a.m. EDT.
Roughly 24 hours after news broke that Rob Kardashian had a new woman in his life, the reality show star and father of one took to social media to clarify one important fact: He is not dating her. In fact, he claims that he does not even know her.
Yes, Rob Kardashian just "I don't know her"-ed Mehgan James. He wrote, "Wait reading online about some chick I'm dating Megan something. Not true never even met her or heard of her before." James then retweeted it, as if agreeing that she does not know Kardashian either. She also tweeted out: "Although I've been advised not to say anything , I will say,I'm only " Megan something. " I don't control the media but we all know who does." She added: "Im just as confused as everyone else."
Now, false celebrity couple rumors happen all the time, but let me stop right here and say: This one feels a little fishy to me. Why would Kardashian (or his family — read: momager Kris Jenner) allow a full day's news cycle to run if the story was completely untrue? She is the best micromanager out there. If this story ran, it's because someone close to the two wanted it to. Additionally, James has been tagging Kardashian in photos of her wearing his Arthur George sock line. One Twitter user also pointed out that he's liked her photos on Instagram before.
So — what gives? I would guess (on pure speculation) that the two were, or are, very casually seeing each other. Maybe they are just friends! But someone leaked their story to People, and now Blac Chyna might be embarrassed or angry, so she told him to cancel it. Or, maybe Jenner was trying to get her son's name back in the headlines separately from Chyna's and saw this Bad Girls Club mutual friend as the perfect candidate.
Whatever the reason, it was fun while it lasted. Although I feel like this is far from over.
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