The TV Show Characters I Would Actually Hang Out With

We spend most of our days with television characters. (Or at least I do.) Even when you're not scrolling through Netflix, TV folks are there, lurking in your pop culture references. Every time you call out, "yaaass queen!" or "pivot!" or ache for a waffle, your brain is communicating with your television friends.
This doesn't mean we like all the people we meet on screen. Take Girls. I like that show. I have watched that show. You could not pay me to get brunch with Hannah Horvath or Marnie. Well-written, engaging characters and best friend material aren't mutually inclusive. Carrie Bradshaw would be late to brunch and probably wouldn't pay for her mimosa. Jimmy McNulty is shit at making conversation, Tony Soprano takes himself too seriously, and Meredith Grey never has time for her friends anyway. (Surgeons.)
The truth is, a good friend is hard to find. They're fun. They're astute. They're good at validating your feelings. And, most importantly, they're good for a hang.
Because I care about my imaginary television friendships, I have collected the few characters who occupy the slim real estate between "interesting fictional person" and "person with whom I would share a beer."
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