The One Thing You Never Knew About Your Google Home

Back in the day, the only home speaker we cared about was the one we saw on Disney's Smart House. Because, duh: Everything we came to learn about Pat — the film's virtual housekeeper with a killer bouffant and ruby red lips — seemed pretty damn awesome. The robot threw epic house parties, cleaned up clothes, handled dirty dishes — she even reminded the family when they had important shit to do that day. Now that'd be the life, we thought.
Of course, the modern-day versions of Pat — which come in tangible, device form and go by the name of Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant — won't do your laundry or pour you a glass of wine at the end of a hard day. But these hands-free, voice-activated home systems, particularly Google's iteration, are still pretty advanced. Order you an Uber? No problema. Read you the weather forecast? Check. Replenish your beauty supply? Yep, it can do that, too.
That's right, Google Home's virtual assistant is actually equipped with loads of beauty perks. You can scope out makeup or skin-care sales and discounts from nearby stores, keep a running shopping list of all the products you love or want to try, and it will even stream any smoky eye YouTube tutorials your heart desires to your phone. Plus, once you set up payment on the Google Home app and add a delivery address, stocking up on your favorite products becomes as simple as saying the prompt, "Okay, Google."
Even cooler? When you're in a pinch — as in, you're running out the door and realize you're fresh out of dry shampoo — you can ask your device what household item works as a substitute. (Our device suggested baby powder when we asked. Smart.) Oh, and it's on sale right now for less than $100 on Amazon right now. Pat would be so proud.

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