How Wonder Woman Is Already Slaying Every Other Superhero Movie

Opener/Social Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
The reviews for Wonder Woman are in, and they are positively glowing. The film stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen as Amazonian warrior royalty, and Chris Pine as an army pilot. But it's garnering praise for more than its stellar cast (and Gadot's charismatic performance). Critics are joyfully reporting on its sincere writing, fresh and thrilling pace, emotional grip, sense of humor, and empowering display of badass womanhood. And the thing is that Wonder Woman isn't just good for a "women's superhero movie." It's being more highly rated than just about any superhero movie out there.
The movie currently currently scores 94% on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, which gives a comprehensive snapshot of how well a title is being received. Many critics are shouting out how much better Wonder Woman is than its fellow DC Comics flicks — which tend to be overstuffed with laughable writing, a barrage of special effects, and monotonous action scenes. The Hollywood Reporter says that Wonder Woman "breaks the genre mold" and calls it "an anomaly within the DC Universe," while Variety hails it as "a welcome respite from DC's house style of grim darkness." The New York Times' acerbic A.O. Scott writes, "It feels less like yet another installment in an endless sequence of apocalyptic merchandising opportunities than like ... what's the word I'm looking for? A movie. A pretty good one, too." Perhaps the the Los Angeles Times put it best: "This Wonder Woman doesn’t just save the world; if the gods are willing, she may yet save a billion-dollar movie franchise."
Oh, and Wonder Woman also bests virtually every Marvel hit, like the Captain America and Thor blockbusters — and tying the universe's highest-rated movie ever, 2008's Iron Man. Here, we stuck with comparing it to live-action titles in the DC Comics and DC Extended Universe. We ranked them from lowest to highest RT score, all the way from 9% (yikes) to The Dark Knight's 94% — which, to be honest, is Wonder Woman's only real competition here.

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