Can You Help Chrissy Teigen Identify This Meme?

Even internet queen Chrissy Teigen needs help with a meme or two. The model and host of Lip Sync Battle took to Twitter on Tuesday with a serious question: What meme does her toy giraffe look like? In the photo she posted, the stuffed animal is in an irregular pose, with the legs behind it and neck stretched out — or at least, more than usual for a giraffe.
"What meme does my giraffe look like it's killing me I know I've seen it," she cried into the abyss. Since Chrissy Teigen is a meme herself, you know she means business. I, for one, am pretty sure I know exactly what meme she's referring to — but I won't spoil it just yet. Twitter, meanwhile, had its own ideas.
Some people made an earnest effort to find the mysterious meme:
Hm, no.
Not convinced.
But on the other hand, some people just straight up trolled her:
And some people ignored her request entirely, instead opting to show her similarly-posed toy giraffes of their own:
Who knew there would be multiple aggressively posed toy giraffes?
However, while I can't speak for Teigen (no matter how hard I try), I'm almost certain the meme she was thinking of was this one:
Right? Right?
Unfortunately, Chrissy never followed up on the tweet, meaning we may never know what was going on in her brain. After all, once she had posted the question, she immediately moved on to making pho, and then did some tweeting about nachos. However, I'm pretty sure I'm right, so I'm just going to cling tight to that for when the moment comes that we finally meet and I can scream into her face, "IT WAS THE GOAT MEME." And she will quickly have me escorted out.

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