How Hard Would You Freak Out If Joe Jonas Were Your Lyft Driver?

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
In the latest installment of Undercover Lyft, the popular app's comedic web series, passengers were (please excuse the pun) in for a ride. Clad in sunglasses and a baseball cap — the go-to wardrobe for any celebrity going incognito, but not really — Joe Jonas chatted with unsuspecting Lyft riders about a number of topics.
In some cases, the “Kissing Strangers” singer eschewed his costume altogether, instead slumping over in the driver’s seat (a departure from confidence fans are used to seeing in front of cameras). “I was in a band and we broke up,” he said to one woman. “...But it was fine. It was what it was,” he continued. Way to flex those acting chops, Joe.
After he explained to one DTLA rider that he was trying to become a singer, she told him that he looked like Joe Jonas.
“I get that all the time,” Jonas responded.
Fellow DNCE members also joined the shenanigans. Between the tambourines and other small instruments hidden throughout the truck and the impromptu jam session that occurred soon after, it was the Lyft Line ride of a lifetime. In one instance, band members on the carpool route just happened to hop in wearing matching Hawaiian tops. JinJoo offered the surprised passenger who joined them an extra shirt she just happened to have.
DNCE is just one of several guests who’ve surprised users of the app. DJ Khaled, Demi Lovato, Shaq, and Odell Beckham Jr. have also sat in the driver's seat. The Webby award-winning series almost makes the idea of ordering up a shared Lyft Line sound more fun than getting a solo ride. Almost.
Check out the hilarious video, below.

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