This Guy's Attempt To Get His Girl Flowers Was A Total Fail — & The Internet Loves It

Saying “I’m sorry” is never easy, which is why resorting to giving a loved one the obligatory bouquet of flowers as an act of contrition is often necessary. But what if, in an effort to apologize, to your partner you mistook a dazzling bundle of crisp purple kale for exotic flowers? Well, that’s exactly what one pure-hearted boyfriend did for his girlfriend and, well, Twitter couldn’t handle it.
After a spat with her boyfriend, Jamarcus Guillory, Jailyn Hernandez, 19, tweeted about being given the nutrition-dense salad vegetable as a peace offering on Twitter.
“My boyfriend brought me this thinking it was a flower but it's lettuce,” she said in a tweet accompanied by several laugh-cry emoji. The message went viral and has (so far) been retweeted more than 40,000 times.
“I was mad at him," she said to BuzzFeed News. "It’s the only reason why he brought them."
“She was like ‘this is lettuce,'" said the 20-year-old Guillory to BuzzFeed about the adorable embarrassment. “I was like 'this is pretty cool.' I thought she was going to love it man, and she just started laughing,” he said.
The girlfriend’s mother also found the mishap rather endearing noting to BuzzFeed that he was a “good guy.”
Twitter had a field day with the botanical failure, though, because this “lettuce” doubles as an edible gift that’s healthier than your run-of-the-mill box of chocolate, the gesture was also kind of genius.
“I prefer this. It's pretty looking. And i can eat it,” said user @indykp_17.
“Shiiiiiit I wish my mans would come home /w some lettuce like that,” said user @mariahparkerxo.
Hernandez and Guillory were both surprised at the response the tweet received. “I mean we thought it was funny, but I didn’t know it was this funny," she said.
Check out a few of the hilarious responses below.
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