The Next Episode Of The Bachelorette Is Going To Be EPIC

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The first episode of The Bachelorette season 13 proved that this year, the dating competition is going to be bonkers. During the premiere alone, we swooned, we laughed, we cringed, and we wondered the definition of "whaboom." (My definition: Noun. used purely for entertainment purposes and/or printing T-shirts to sell on Instagram.) The season preview promises an even more intense ride — there's blood, there's villainy, and there's a woman who claims to be the girlfriend of one of the suitors. (We don't know who.) The girlfriend is of particular interest because, well, the reveal is dramatic as hell. This is the kind of melodrama we watch the show for. According to our calculations, we're going to meet this purveyor of truth very soon.
A new preview for the upcoming episode on Monday, May 29 teases that the show will deliver in spades. According to the sneak peek, some of the guys will gather for one of the show's iconic "group dates." These dates tend to be competition-themed — early ones almost always revolve around a sport. (Last season, Nick Viall's potential future wives competed in a game of volleyball.) This time around, it's basketball.
"The date card said 'swish,' that was all. I'm pretty sure the guys can pick up what we're doing today. And if they can't, that's a problem," Lindsay says in the preview. She notes that she played basketball for years, and it's a passion of hers.
"It's no secret that one of my weaknesses is an athlete," Lindsay tells the camera.
Based on our analysis, this is the same date where the aforementioned girlfriend makes her appearance. In the season preview, this woman shows up and angrily accuses one of the contestants of being her boyfriend.
"You still have the keys to my apartment you motherfucker. You thought you deceived every single one of these people? You were in my bed weeks before," the unnamed woman says in the preview. In that shot, Rachel is wearing her hair in a ponytail with a bandana. She and the woman are standing in front of some bleachers.
From the season preview:
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
And this is Rachel Lindsay from the episode two preview:
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
So, either there are two dates this season where Rachel wears this exact outfit at this exact stadium, or we're in for a treat on Monday. My money's on the treat.
The mystery remains, though: Which suitor is this woman accusing? Who will we see hobble home Monday night, tail between his legs? We'll have to wait and find out.
Watch the full episode preview, below.
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