This Guy Has Been Tindering With A Fidget Spinner

Ever since they made a comeback this year, we've been seeing fidget spinners repurposed for an impressive variety of uses, from makeup application to teaching aids. So, it was only a matter of time before someone started using them to improve their sex life. Thanks to a video by 22-year-old Holden Ellis, we now know it's possible for the toy to do your Tinder swiping for you, Mashable reports.
The video, titled "How to get laid with fidget spinner," has over a thousand likes on Twitter. In it, we see Ellis artfully place his gadget on top of his smartphone so it swipes right to every profile.
Ellis told Refinery29 he was Tindering with a fidget spinner in his mouth when he invented the contraption to quell his boredom. It's an efficient tactic, we'll concede, but a cheap one. We wouldn't want to end up on a date with someone only to find that, in fact, it was a toy that chose us.
That issue hasn't come up yet for Ellis, though, since his tactic has thus far been unsuccessful. "I haven't had a match on Tinder in ages," he said. "Probably the reason I was using a fidget spinner."
Still, that hasn't rendered the whole experiment useless in Ellis's mind. "I loved using the fidget spinner with Tinder," he said. As someone with ADHD and autism, the toy gives him something to focus on.
This isn't even the first sex-related use of the fidget spinner. Porn searches for fidget spinners have spiked recently, though most of the videos are just of the toys spinning. Fidget spinners may have originally been invented to help kids with attention problems relieve stress, but this toy has provided its owners with so, so much more.

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