Did Zac Efron Just Admit That He Hooked Up With Madonna?

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A new celebrity couple may be coming to a red carpet near you. Zac Efron and Madonna were spotted hanging out together at an MMA fight at Madison Square Garden, and from Efron's interview with Jimmy Kimmel, it sounds like things may be getting serious.
Okay, not really. (Though how amazing would that be?!) The actor — who will next appear as a dim-but-hot lifeguard in this summer's Baywatch reboot — admitted that he spent some time with the outspoken "Material Girl" singer, albeit totally by accident. As Efron explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the two stars were placed next to one another while attending a Conor McGregor fight in New York City and had an absolute blast.
The reason for the pair's great time partially had to do with the fact that Madge really knows her fight lingo.
"She was calling out things about the fight like 'Oh, it's locked in! He's got him locked in! He's gonna choke him out!,'" said Efron. "She was having the time of her life out there."
Kimmel didn't buy it. (What, a lady can't be into MMA? Google Ronda Rousey, thank you very much.)
"Is it possible she was trying to have sex with you?" Kimmel asked, jokingly. "Is it possible that Madonna switched the signs so that you'd be seated together, because Madonna is an irresistible person, when she sets her sights on someone there's no escaping."
Kimmel then showed a clip of the pair at the fight. In the video, Madonna tapped on Efron's chest to get him to pay attention to the fight, while Efron seemingly peacocked for his new lady friend by excessively tousling his hair.
"Madonna was lovely," Efron laughed. "She is amazing."
He then added:
"I guess you can say she tapped me...she tapped this."
Well, literally, maybe. But as for anything else that happened between Madonna and Efron? What happens at an MMA fight stays at an MMA fight.
Watch the video of the full interview below:

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