All The New Characters In 13 Reasons Why, Based On Its Casting Call

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We won’t be getting the mysterious second season of 13 Reasons Why until 2018, but a new casting call is giving us some hints are what we can expect, in addition to knowing that Hannah Baker will be making an appearance in some form.
The casting website Project Casting has released a listing for “actors, extras, stand-ins, photo doubles and other paid positions” for the Netflix series, which will start filming in California later this summer.
The open casting call will be sure to pull in eager actors of all ages, considering most of the lead cast is a year (or six) above the age they're portraying on the show as sophomores and juniors. (We're looking at your Christian Navarro, 25.)
The call reports that the Netflix team is looking for actors of "all ages, types, and ethnicities" (woo!) and are specifically looking for students that will adhere to a certain look. The following list of open roles to fill are giving us major clues towards any new characters of plot lines: students, baseball players, track & field athletes, cheerleaders, boxers, parents, teachers and coffee shop patrons.
Let's go through them:
Students: This is expected, considering the series takes place in a high school.
Baseball players: I wonder if there will be a scene from a certain baseball player's funeral. Cue tears.
Track & field athletes/cheerleaders: This isn't too new a piece of information, but it seems like Jessica will still be on the squad as she readjusts her life following her personal realizations.
Boxers: Okay, this smells like a new lead character to me. There were no 'boxers' or boxing in season 1. Clay's parking lot punches definitely don't count.
Parents: We got a glimpse into the personal lives of Hannah's peers, which means we got to see their parents and home lives.
Teachers: More students means more teachers. Who knows the long-term affects of Hannah's death? I'm sure it's opened up a much larger conversation in the town. With the school being sued by Hannah's parents, it makes sense that more people in leadership roles will be held responsible.
Coffeeshop patrons: Maybe Clay will get an after school job at the coffeeshop. Let's just hope there are no unicorn frapps.
According to the site, the scenes will take place in Vallejo, Sebastopol, and San Rafael, California. If you’re a budding actor or actress in the Los Angeles area, then get on over to the auditions in Vallejo on June 4, and show off your best high school-aged self. But be warned, if you're a male with facial hair, make sure you shave your face. These high schoolers aren't too endowed in the beard department.
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