President Obama's Photographer Is Now Taking Pictures Of President Underwood

President Obama's former photographer is now snapping a new prez — and no, it's not Donald Trump. Instead, Pete Souza is turning his camera lens towards Frank Underwood for some incredible photos. The corrupt House of Cards POTUS — played brilliantly by Emmy nominee Kevin Spacey — certainly looks like the real deal in these lush, mostly black-and-white shots. In fact, you'd never know that Underwood once had a journalist pushed in front of a subway car, or, err, urinated on his own father's grave.
Nope: Souza's pics are as classy as one of President Obama and FLOTUS Michelle enjoying a quiet moment. While Underwood was not joined by Claire in the photos (to say their relationship is complicated would be the understatement of the century) he was joined by White House Chief Of Staff Doug Stamper — aka actor Michael Kelly — as the pair paraded around Washington, D.C.
"It was a pleasure working with Kevin and Michael and photographing them around some of D.C.’s most recognizable locations," Souza said in a statement to Ad Weekly. "Whether photographing the real president or a fictitious presidential character, it’s an exciting experience."
Souza posted the photos on Instagram, giving his own cheeky captions to the stunning pics:
"Don't trust the chief of staff smiling to the right of the President," Souza wrote. "I hear he is ruthless."

Don't trust the chief of staff smiling to the right of the President--I hear he is ruthless.

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"Zoe warned me not to get too close," Souza joked in a photo of Underwood on the subway platform. (Things didn't exactly work out too well for Kate Mara's Zoe in season 2.)

Zoe warned me not to get too close.

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"Always like riding in the Presidential limo (aka The Beast)," Souza remarked on a photo of Underwood looking pensively out the car's window.

Always like riding in the Presidential limo (aka The Beast).

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This isn't the first brilliant marketing campaign that Netflix has launched for the series. In December of 2015, the streaming service incorporated a campaign ad for Underwood during the GOP debate, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.
What will Netflix think up next? As long as it's not Underwood really running for President, I'm on board.

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