Justin Bieber Surprised A Teen Girl During Her Street Performance

Photo: Katie Jones/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
As annoyed as city dwellers get about street performances, there's no denying that plenty of people singing and dancing on the street are really talented. Over the weekend, Justin Bieber found one such girl — and he cheered her on as she sang on the street in New Jersey.
A video shared by Hollywood Life, which the site says was filmed on May 19, shows Bieber supporting a street performer in Montclair, New Jersey. Bieber encourages onlookers to put down their phones before a young girl performs a song on a street corner. The singer is then seen rocking out to the girl's song in the crowd and cheering enthusiastically. At the end of her song, he gives her a high five before dabbing his way out of the crowd.
As Hollywood Life points out, Bieber himself is no stranger to street performances. Here's a young Bieber performing on the street before his big break, courtesy of Hollywood Life.
The vintage Bieber performances also call to mind this old Google Chrome commercial. Which, in a former life, brought this coldhearted writer to tears.
Between supporting up and comers and hanging out with kids in Mumbai, Bieber is reclaiming his narrative in a positive way. This is definitely a way better look than, say, telling fans, "You make me sick."
And if you're a street performer in the tri-state area, keep an eye out for a bleached-blonde guy in the crowd. Who knows where Bieber will pop up next?
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