You Can Actually Call The Number On This Kendall + Kylie T-Shirt

Just when we thought that nothing could be more confounding than the mysterious campaign teasing Kendall + Kylie's sophomore collection since its rebrand, dubbed Drop Two, W reports that there's an interactive element involved with the Jenners' latest fashion offering: There are a series of unisex short- and long-sleeved T-shirts — one that reads "Kendall," and another that says "Kylie," each with a phone number that shoppers can actually receive a message from one of the designers themselves.
In a surprisingly old-school move, Kendall's number greets the caller with a pretty standard voicemail introduction; Kylie's line, meanwhile, leads with a fake-out, with the 19-year-old beauty mogul saying "Hello?" as if she were actually there. (Alas, it's pre-recorded.) In both cases, though, one can actually leave a message for either Jenner sister, if you're so inclined. The older Jenner told W she actually prefers texting to speaking on the phone, although, she conceded: "Sometimes you have to take the call — it's more personal and nothing is left to interpretation." But Kylie offered that the cell phone T-shirts, which retail for $95 each and prominently display an operational number in the front, "would just be a fun way to interact with our fans, so call us!"
After a long wait (and a first collection that almost immediately sold out), Drop Two arrived on Kendall + Kylie's website at 3:00 p.m. EST. But the sisters' L.A.-based "numbers" were already operational before the e-commerce officially opened up — so, we can only imagine how many messages will be waiting for the Jenners should they decide to check their inboxes.
Much like the idea of setting up a voicemail to promote your new clothing collection, the pieces in Kendall + Kylie's Drop Two feel pretty nostalgic, with denim mini skirts (inspired by Xtina, according to Kylie), fanny packs, and Matrix-esque sunglasses. While you're waiting to get the designer duo on the line, check out the full range in the slideshow, ahead.

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