This Is What 5 Bachelorette Contestants Packed For The Show

Photo: ABC/Paul Hebert.
Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette premieres tonight, and we are ready. After watching Lindsay's interactions with Nick Viall on The Bachelor, we're ready to see her find happiness. (It looks like she definitely will, too — Lindsay announced last week that she's engaged.)
And while we can't wait to see who ends up getting the final rose, we need to get to know the contestants first. Lindsay has an impressive 31 suitors, one of whom listed his occupation as "tickle monster." We don't know much about the men yet — so we were super intrigued when Glamour scored a behind-the-scenes look at what five of the contestants packed for the competition.
The magazine's video team spoke to Alex, DeMario, Grant, Iggy, and Diggy about what they brought with them to the mansion. Some of the answers were straightforward, like DeMario's admission that he had to pack his favorite snack, fruit leathers. Other packing decisions made less sense, like DeMario's "turtle outfit" — which, yes, is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles onesie. (Hey, he does have to compete with Matt's penguin costume, after all.)
Alex, meanwhile, packed an array of attention-grabbing clothes for the competition. Some of his duds include a leopard-printed suit and a suit with a print he accurately describes as "purple tiger." And Grant, an emergency medicine physician, packed a set of scrubs to sleep in, citing their comfort.
Grant also brought a stethoscope, but it's not for medical purposes. "This way, Rachel can hear my heart palpitations when we first meet," he told Glamour. Someone's got the whole smooth-talking thing down.
Iggy — which is short for Ignacio — brought several books and a Thera Cane massager, which might be the most sensible items anyone packed. And Diggy packed a bowtie along with his regular ties to "stand out" from the competition. Although, compared with a penguin costume, a TMNT onesie, and a "purple tiger" suit, a bowtie seems pretty tame.
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