This Graduation Cap Hack Is Genius — We Just Wish We Knew About It Sooner

Every year, graduates around the world put on their caps and gowns to walk across their school's stage, ready to take on the "real" world... and possibly a whole lot of student loan debt. Even still, graduation day is possibly one of the most important days in a young adult's life. Bad hair (and an unwelcome automated call from Sallie Mae) should not ruin that moment.
Chizi Duru, a New York City college senior and beauty vlogger, found a quick and easy way for her fellow natural-haired guys and girls to avoid flat-topped twist-outs and crumpled 'fros. Instead of finagling with bobby pins to secure her base, she simply taped a plain black headband on the inside of her cap with scotch tape. She also notes that duct tape or a hot glue gun can be used for added security. Once the headband is set, take your two ends of the cap and wrap them around the band. Duru, who has a medium-length curly afro, created a faux bang by pinning the front section of her hair so that it could stick out perfectly underneath the cap's mortarboard.
Someone on Twitter re-posted the video, and it already has over 20,000 shares from students and alumni alike. "I reposted this to my FB yesterday! I had so many bobby pins in my cap both ceremonies lol. This would have been perfect!" one person wrote.
And it wasn't just the textured crowd that showed their appreciation, either. "I've got flat ass hair, and my cap never stayed on in HS or college," another person posted. "Those things are garbage. Wish I'd thought of a headband." Others said that they were forced to get weaves, blow outs, and protective styles... solely for the chance to make their caps fit. Duru's natural hair graduation cap hack isn't the first on YouTube, but she still deserves an A+ for her efforts in making everyone feel like the star they are on graduation weekend.
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