These Faces Are About To Be Everywhere—& We're Here For It

Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images.
Say what you will about millennials, but give us our credit, because we're redefining the antiquated beauty standards that many of us grew up seeing on T.V. and in magazines. From New York Fashion Week to your social media feed, the men and women getting prime placement is rapidly expanding to include way more diversity. Why? Because a whole lot of us are downright demanding it.
While things are far from perfect — replacing homogeneous ideals will always be a journey, not a destination — these days, what's considered gorgeous is more inclusive and focused on individual beauty than ever before. Take, for example, vitiligo, a skin condition where pigment is lost from patches of skin on the face and body. Once viewed as something one needed to hide or correct, a slew of models gaining traction in the industry are now able to represent the millions of Americans who have the condition. (If that's not progress, we don't know what is!)
Meet seven individuals who are redefining what's beautiful, ahead.

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